Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Aimless Discovery (February 2017)

The following blurb is from the 68th episode of the DTM-Cast posted on February 5th, 2017. I make this point because this was shortly after the next Trek series was pushed back from its May date to a then-indeterminate point of time. As of this post, the series is set to debut in the fall... that is, until the next big delay hits the series.

For the record, my feelings haven't changed since then. I wasn't thrilled with the idea then and even now, there's more apathy towards the whole deal than anything. Which is funny considering how optimistic I was about Enterprise before that series debuted... perhaps that should have been a omen of sorts.

Anyway, the blurb from February, slightly edited to fit the written word...

Star Trek: Discovery is off the May calendar... who knows when it'll be debuting. I probably shared this anecdote in the past, but I want to bring up a brief conversation on the show that I had with my older brother... longtime Star Trek fan, got all the series, bought all the various novels and comic books, watching some of the bigger fanfilms before the whole fanfilm fiasco, has been following the franchise for a long, long time. Someone I like to call a classic fan... never goes so far to do the cosplay thing or that sort of thing, but really into Star Trek. And for the record, he liked the reboot movies, the Kelvin Timeline stuff, about as much as he liked all the other Trek stuff.

So we're having some casual conversation and Discovery comes up. And when I asked him what his thoughts were on the series - the concept, the idea, that sort of thing - he summed up his thoughts with three very simple words that stuck with me.

"It's gonna suck."

And mind you, this took place long back when the series was due in January - its original intended air date - and he wasn't excited for this. He thought this thing was going to suck the proverbial wormhole and whatever little enthusiasm I had - and it was very little because I wasn't feeling this, either - but what little of it I had just went poof.

So now you have these delays and it's off the schedule and it's ready when it's ready like Duke Nukem Forever and then it'll come out and it'll be disappointing and suddenly people will find new reasons to shit on JJ Abrams because that's the cool thing to do and... FACK!

They had that Discovery video where they announced production having begun and they showed off bits and pieces of the sets and teased the uniforms for the show and they look like jackets. So that's a thing... I guess. But I don't know. We'll see what happens.

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