Monday, May 8, 2017

Random Thoughts On... The 37s

The second season premiere episode of Star Trek: Voyager has the eponymous Starfleet vessel, trapped thousands of light years across the other side of the galaxy, coming across an old pick-up truck in deep space. From there, they encounter an SOS and go to a planet where the SOS is coming from. Turns out some folks from 1937 (hence the name of the episode) were kidnapped, placed in stasis, and treated as holy relics by their human descendants.

As Voyager would discover, it turns out those humans have made quite a little civilization for themselves here in the Delta Quadrant, and those freed relics from the past feel that they'd be happier sitting around "New Urth" for lack of a better term and has some crew members considering sticking around... but like a good formula show that lives and dies by its status quo, none of the Voyager folks jump ship and so they all continue onwards towards their old home.

Interesting note about this episode was that it was originally intended to be the season finale of the first season, but network executives held it off because of network reasons. Watching this episode with that in mind - and I haven't seen this episode in years - The 37s does come off as more of a season ender rather than a season opener. The question of whether the crew should stay at this new world or continue on towards the old one is something that should be touched on at the end of a season where you have that cliffhanger potential.

As for the episode itself? It was alright; had a bit of humor with the Ford pick-up towards the beginning of the episode, gave us a cool visual of the ship landing, and a neat little idea that fared a little better here than when TNG did it in their first season finale.

Anyway, that was just a random thought.

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