Monday, March 13, 2017

Running On Steam (Not That Steam)

So here's a post of random bits I want to touch on.

Things on the PC front is going well and slowly progressing forwards. With the second, larger hard drive installed, I've begun to slowly install a bunch of games on there from the Steam and GOG services, including a whole bunch of stuff I got from the Humble Bundle bundle things that I'm actually looking forward to trying out. It's not the biggest upgrade, but it will give me a bit of wiggle room when it comes to storage and I can lay off plugging in the external drives every night. So that'll be a nice step forwards, at least.

Weather around these parts has been ridiculous, with a couple days teasing a nice little heat wave before bombarding us with the traditional Canadian winter cold front. In fact, tomorrow, we may very bit hit with a good 20-30 cm of snow if the Weather Network can be relied on to provide an accurate forecast. They're usually on the money, though. So I can't complain too much there.

For those inquiring, the dog is doing fine. She's had to take a dump in her special place indoors because trying to get her to go for a walk in Classic Canadian Winter temperatures is like trying to get Jim Cornette and Vince Russo to kiss and make up. Other than that, she's doing fine and occupying her usual spot on the couch.

Two reviews coming for this week on the Youtubez: tomorrow's Sonic Labyrinth and Friday will be the Goonies game that never hit the NES, but was available as an arcade machine for some reason. The Goonies game review will also be the 3100th blog post, so that's a nice little something. Also, the next episode of the DTM-Cast due this Sunday will be somewhat on the light side unless something worth talking about comes up. More than likely, it'll be about a couple blurbs and some Q&A. Not much else going on in these parts.

Not much else to say today. So I'll be going now. Y'all have a good day, kids.

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