Thursday, March 2, 2017

Review A Great Game Day on April 8th

A few years back, now-defunct gaming website One More Castle established the Review A Bad Game Day event, where people can submit reviews of bad games to be posted on August 8th. I've done one such event, thinking it was a one-off thing, but turns out it was an annual thing all these years. Just as I was thinking of jumping back into that fold, One More Castle closes its doors and the event was closed... I ended up adopting the concept anyway, to the point that for the past couple years, every August 8th, I'd review a bad game.

The other concept they've started up a year or so later was the Review A Great Game day, where people would post reviews of great games and see them posted on April 8th. This event, I never participated in and I'm hoping to change that.

Next month, on April 8th, it's going to be a good day to review a great game here on the blog. What that game will be... well, that's the kicker... and the surprise.

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