Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jason Douchebag Frank Gets Himself Kicked Out Of Premiere... NOVWL.

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You know, I was kinda hoping that I didn't have to revive this "gimmick" which involves me railing on a certain individual for some of his acts of stupidity both online and beyond... and in fairness, I probably wouldn't have if this piece of news hadn't come my way... but since it's been a while since a certain label has been attributed to one of these blog posts, I might as well go back into that mindset for this one occasion because this is just too good to pass up.

Bare with me, kids. It's been a while since I've done this.

Also, spoiler warning. Hence the break.

Perennial PR alumnus and social media whore Jason Douchebag Frank attended the premiere of the new Power Rangers movie this past weekend and apparently lacked proper moviegoing etiquette... such as NOT RECORDING THINGS WITH YOUR CAMERA WHILE THE MOVIE IS PLAYING. Apparently, someone caught him whipping out his camera to film his cameo in the film (yeah, sorry if I spoiled anything) and promptly kicked him out of the movie. He even tried to convince people that he was in the movie, but the usher was unphased and promptly kicked the douchebag out of the theater... and nothing of value was lost.

Then he goes on Facebook to whine about it and encourages people to take pictures of his cameo at the end of the movie... encouraging piracy no less. People do this shit with other movies - even small clips - and the minute they get posted online, it's only a matter of time before the clips get taken down. I've already seen that mid-credit tease before I even saw the fucking movie on YouTube and that didn't last long.

To the usher who kicked him out of the theater, I'd buy you a drink, but I live in another country. Kudos to you for not giving into this self-entitled asshat's egomania and doing your job of kicking disruptive assholes out of the movie theater. If only more folks were like you where I lived...

And to JDF... go fuck yourself, dude. If you're really that desperate to see yourself on the big screen, then maybe you should get off your high horse and buy a ticket like the rest of us, you fucking idiot.

Fuck you.

And now I return to not caring.

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