Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Flippin' Called It, MF'ers!

I'd call this a spoiler, but since this was announced on the Impact Wrestling twitter, I'll leave it out in the open.

Anyone read that long rambling post I did on the "new" Impact Wrestling. If not, give it a whirl if you've got nothing better to do, but I want to bring up this one blurb.

The main event was shit. Never mind the lack of excitement over a World title match between Booby Lashley and Alberto El Beevis; the match was slow, plodding, lacking any semblance of energy or anticipation. I've seen Giant Gonzales matches more exciting than this. On top of that, the classic cliche of TWO REF BUMPS and a BELT SHOT to give the new guy the title in a title match that the new guy got because he's a former WWE guy... and then you have the refs bicker and that might be teasing a Dusty Finish and...

And so that whole main event business was completely fucking pointless!

And I fucking called it. Where's my money?

Oh yeah... cue the face.

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