Friday, March 31, 2017

A Mouse Of Needles And Not (Sonic Mania, Force, Disney Collection, and Stuff)

The following is a transcript of a segment from Episode #70 of the DTM-Cast, slightly adjusted for text format.

So let's touch on some video game stuff because we haven't had that in a while. A couple quick news bits that I want to comment on quickly

You'll remember a few months back when Sega announced two upcoming Sonic games. One is Sonic Mania, the return-to-form 2D throwback title from Christian Whitehead, who was the guy who brought the mobile ports of Sonic 1, 2, and CD. And that game is due this summer. Was supposed to be out in spring, but they're holding it back a few months and that's fine, I suppose. I can wait.

The other game that they announced was codenamed Project Sonic 2017 or that sort of thing; it was going to be similar to Sonic Generations in that it features Modern Sonic and even Classic Sonic and they're in a warzone of sorts... that project now has a name: Sonic Forces. It'll be running off the Hedgehog Engine 2, which is an update of the engine that powered Sonic Generations, Sonic Colors, that initial wave of Sonic titles after '06. And it looks like the game will be of a similar vein to those titles, which I'm pleased to see. Out of the various 3D Sonics over the years, I really enjoyed the Colors and Generations model the most which was more based on speed-running, occasional platforming, that sort of gameplay which fits like a glove for a character like Sonic whose main gimmick is his fast speed. So that's something I'm somewhat looking forward. Obviously, not enough is known at the moment, but there's always time for that.

Another thing was recently announced from Digital Eclipse and Capcom - and this is actually a nice little surprise if I do say so myself - this coming April will see the release of the Disney Afternoon Collection. And this collection comprise six classic NES games; Ducktales, Ducktales 2, Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers 1 and 2, Talespin, and Darkwing Duck. Aside from the enhanced emulation (1080p HD, that sort of thing), there's going to be additional boss rush modes, time trials, and a rewind feature that lets you rewind gameplay so that you can save yourself from doing something stupid or something. And of course, there'll be the gallery of material and never before seen content, so that'll something.

But, yeah, this is a nice little surprise. I'd imagine this is a bit of a bonus for Capcom, considering they got the rights to do another Marvel Vs. Capcom fighting game, but honestly, I'm not going to complain. When it comes to third-party licensed games on the NES, you could pretty much do no wrong with the Capcom-developed Disney games and what you got here is the best of the best, pretty much. Ducktales is a classic game, Darkwing Duck is a fantastic game, Chip N' Dale... straightforward titles, Talespin... is fucking Talespin. It's a nice little package especially for those who missed on these games back in the day, especially something like Ducktales 2 which was a late NES release and these days is pretty damn expensive.

So six classic Disney titles from the NES days by Capcom... I'd imagine it'll be the same price as the Mega Man Legacy Collection that they released a couple years, but regardless, this should be fun. And it's something I'm looking forward to without question.

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