Thursday, February 23, 2017

Something To Put You Down A Bit...

When you really think about it, the worst part about anything is pretty much everything.
Nothing of note would be found to have any merit.
Nothing worthwhile will have anything resembling worth.
It's just an ideal and an idea we fool ourselves into believe.
Nothing gained from this venture or the last.
Nothing lost in those instances but time.
I've had enough of this mess. I'm done with it all.
Maybe when all is said and done, I'll keep the eggs fresh.
Blow it out the other end and keep it blowing.
I'll be seeing you later and not much better.
The rules of the road are clear as day.
But nobody I've met is dumber than you.
So take heed, my gentle fiend, and remember this well.
You suck the life out of anything worthwhile
And I hope you burn in Hell...

There's a bit of demotivational dogma for you.

New review's coming up tomorrow.

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