Friday, February 17, 2017

Flash Fiction #09: Bump

An addendum to some hero's origin story... or at least, a further twist of the knife.

John was just coming out of the bathroom when he immediately bumped into someone running into him. The force of the impact threw John towards the nearby wall while the other man crumpled over to the ground. He slowly approached the guy and helped him up. The other guy said thanks and John gave him a light salute as he ran away in a hurry.

Seconds later, a security officer ran by and asked John if he saw a guy in a brown jacket. John said he bumped into him and pointed in the direction he ran. The guard stared holes in John, questioning him on why he didn't stop the man. John wondered what the big deal was, only to learn that the man he bumped into stole a good chunk of cash from the promoter down the hall.

John swore to the guard that he didn't know the circumstances and that if he had known, he would've stopped the man. That got him off the hook with the guard, but John's heart weighed heavy that night when news broke that the man not only stole money, but murdered an elderly man at his home some time later.

John went to bed with hellish nightmares, regretful of his inactions that day.

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