Saturday, January 28, 2017

Random Thoughts On... The New Impact Wrestling Logo

So this is the new Impact Wrestling logo courtesy of the Anthem Sports company who bought TNA. Since everyone has said their piece in recent weeks, I might as well chime long after this bares relevance in regards to anything.

So... this is a really stupid looking logo. Not offensive, but just really stupid.

Even without the obnoxious blue bird hovering over the title, this still looks like some amateur found some text warping features in an ancient version of Paint Shop Pro, drew a couple extra lines, and VOILA! New logo! It is a considerable stepdown from the previous Impact Wrestling logo (which I didn't care much for, either.)

Any chance we can go back to the show's original logo from 2004-2011... you know, the one they had before "wrestling mattered" or whatever their stupid tagline was.

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