Tuesday, December 27, 2016

VIDEO - Double Dragon IV... and it looks awful.

A couple thoughts, actually...

1) Very smart idea to call this Double Dragon IV... so we could try and forget about the Double Dragon V game that was released in 1994. That was the subpar fighting game based on the subpar animated series for anyone who is wondering... I have a review on said game that I did a few years back. Also, if this is Double Dragon IV then where does that leave Super Double Dragon?

2) Goddamn does this look shit. I mean, I get what they're trying to go for here with the whole 8-bit throwback style that's been beaten to death over the years, but this looks like somebody stuck ancient NES sprites onto ill-fitting backgrounds, much like a lot of older fangames made in Multimedia Fusion way back when. This feels like amateur hour.

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