Sunday, October 23, 2016

So... About That MMPRFilm Thing?

So with all the hooplah concerning the teaser trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers film, I'm left wondering about that other fan film thing that has made waves years ago and making grandiose promises about making a grittier take on the property. Outside of a couple trailers and one or two mini episodes of sorts, nothing has come out of this particular camp.

We're in October... they haven't posted a thing since May.

I'd normally make a joke about their tardiness and inability to deliver a project on schedule, but my joke exhaust ran out years ago. Right now, I'm really starting to feel bad for the folks who backed this thing in their controversial crowdfunder years ago. Some Mighty No. 9 backers might bitch and moan about getting a relatively subpar product (I've yet to try it myself - no real interest), but at least they got something... "better than nothing" quips notwithstanding. The poor sods who backed this thing aren't even getting updates, let alone content worth a damn.

To date, I've only backed two projects; the Classic Game Room DVD set and The Space Between. One was completed and received. The other is due to make the rounds on the film festival circuit. Both are done, for all intents and purposes.

So... is this still a thing? Or is it best left forgotten by the times a proper Power Rangers movie comes out next year?

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