Sunday, October 16, 2016

One Week... One Bloody Week...

And what happens while I take a week off from uploading shit?

- Billy Corgan, TNA president and hopeful acquirer of said company, sues Dixie Carter and the company he's employed with because they owe him money. Goddamn, kid.

- Paige suffers another WWE Wellness Policy violation over prescription drugs they say are "illegal" and now sources on her side claim that a second opinion doctor says she needs neck surgery. WWE doctors believe otherwise; look at all the wonders our Z-Paks have done for us over the years.

- This year's Survivor Series PPV will comprise three traditional Survivor Series style matches (almost like the earlier editions of the PPV were just that) and headlined by the "long-awaited" rematch between Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg, which is being booked for the sole purpose of trying to sell more copies of the video game... because apparently Suplex City isn't enough of a stupid idea to try and sell more video games.

- The rumored Women In Hell In A Cell match has been confirmed. Not only that, but the match between Seth Rollins and Champion Of The Universe Kevin Owens will also be a Cell match. WOW! THREE HELL IN A CELL MATCHES ON ONE SHOW! SMELL THE BUYRATE! Brace yourselves for mediocrity.

- They announced a Justice League/Mighty Morphin crossover comic... because I guess we really needed the stench of Zack Snyder in my MMPR comic books... oh wait, they're talking about the comic version of JL, not the film... sorry, my bad.

- Another Rogue One trailer... Maybe you should've released this first before TFA if you wanted to get on everyone's good nostalgic side or something.

Well... that's something.

So Youtube videos will resume this week with a pick-up video and then straight reviews for the next few weeks. Nothing grandiose for this wave of reviews... I'm saving those for later.

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