Monday, September 5, 2016

Flash Fiction #04: Jog

Another flash fiction piece where I tell a story in under 300 words. This was one of the earlier efforts and certainly light on words.

Darrel had to make it to the bus stop on time if he was going to make it to school before the bell rung. It was a long walk to the bus stop, so Darrel decided to make a run for it. As he was running towards the bus stop in a hurry, he came across a jogger who stopped him on his way. The jogger commented on Darrel's posh shoes and suggested that Darrel should wear sneakers if he wanted to go for a jog. Darrel was in a hurry, but was too kind to brush off the jogger.

Once the jogger finished his spiel, Darrel thanked him for the advice and started to continue onwards, only to turn around and see the bus in the distance, driving off without him. He then ran towards the friendly jogger and tackled him with a lariat from behind.

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