Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Solid Session Of Mega Man X3 Last Night

Following up on yesterday's impromptu episode of DTM Rambles, I ended up spending somewhere within the neighborhood of three hours on my newly acquired Mega Man X3 video game, where I found myself relearning where everything was and eventually defeating the initial eight Maverick hunters. I assure you, however, that a good bulk of that time was spent on grinding for health to fill whatever subtanks I had acquired. Still, I had forgotten how tough this game was. Not just in regards to the bosses, but also in the fact that nearly every enemy in the game shoots at you.

Can't say I didn't have fun, though. Damn thing cost an arm and a leg (those are slowly regenerating, however, so no worries), but I can't say it wasn't worth it. Maybe I can get around to do that marathon of Mega Man X reviews somewhere down the line... as soon as I finish off the main classic titles.

Oh... and for those who care, CM Punk had his debut UFC match last night and was brutalized for about two minutes. I haven't seen the match itself - will do so some time this week - but from what I've heard, I didn't miss much. However, if I could offer this one slight nugget of positivity, Punk lasted longer than Brock Lesnar did in his debut UFC match. About a minute longer. So in some odd ball way, CM Punk's UFC career is off to a great start!

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