Sunday, August 7, 2016

Random Thoughts On... Suicide Squad

So let me be upfront about this; I have not been the biggest fan of the latest string of DC films that comprises Man Of Steel and Yawn Of Justice. And going a bit further back, I've also fallen numb on the so-called "holy" Dark Knight trilogy, of which only one holds up to any real degree. However, watching the few trailers for this Suicide Squad film left me with some semblance of cautious optimism that this might be interesting at most and not completely worthless at worse. I was looking forward to this one; mostly to see how bad this might turn out.

Having just seen it and giving some deep thought, I can say with a clear conscious that Suicide Squad is perfectly average fare... and that probably makes it the best DC Film yet. Shocking, I'm sure.

Seriously, I actually enjoyed this one. It was simple, straightforward, no nonsense, no world building crap, just a bunch of bad guys doing bad things to even badder people. There was some decent gunfights, there was a couple laughs to be had at times, the mood was appropriately grim at times, and there was some attempt at making you care about these not-heroes, which is more than what I got out of the other flicks. In a strange way, Suicide Squad almost accomplishes the Iron Man affect; taking relatively lesser known characters and making people care about them in some form or another.

If there were any complaints to be had, I thought the drug-induced editing was a bit too much, what with all the "colorful" graphics and desperate attempt to infuse "livelihood" to a grim picture that was perfectly suited for the dark tone. The picture was dark to a point where it was difficult to see what was going on, The choice in music was absolutely dreadful, almost as if they just took whatever songs are or were popular and stuffed it in there without rhyme or reason in regards to tone (the actual score by Steven Price, on the other hand, is pretty good). And I'm particularly dismayed that they did very little with Katana (the one with the soul-stealing sword). Oh well.

Despite the quibbles, Suicide Squad was somewhat enjoyable and was completely terrible. Not a cinematic masterpiece nor a theatrical terror; just a perfectly average film that just happens to be the best film to come out of the DC Film Universe or whatever the fuck they're calling it... and when "perfectly average" is the best you're getting out of DC, it doesn't paint a pretty picture.

Here's hoping Wonder Woman doesn't turn out to be a bust... sorry, poor choice of words.

Or is it?

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