Monday, August 22, 2016

Flash Fiction #03 - Closet

The third of these quick under-300 word flash fiction pieces. This one is a little funny in retrospect, but that's probably just me.

Sean stepped into the closet and sat in the corner. There was no reason to it. He just felt like sitting in the corner of his closet for an hour or so. It was perhaps the most peaceful that Sean has been all day. When a friend of Sean asked where he was, Sean simply told him that he was in the closet for a bit and just got out.

Before he knew it, Sean was given a ticker tape parade normally reserved for conquering heroes or celebrities. There was confetti, streamers, marching bands, children's choirs, plenty of hurrahs in the air, and pleny of prideful flags being waved about in this crowd town square. Sean was treated like utter royalty from folks he'd never met before, given awards and honoriffics from pride groups he'd never heard of, and lots of flirtations from other men he had never seen before. By the evening hours, speeches were given praising Sean's bravery and courage for coming out of the closet.

When it was Sean's turn to speak, the crowd let out a big hurrah and continued cheering loudly. Sean thought hard about what he was going to say, but before he could utter a single word, his smartphone rang and Sean quickly answered. Words were exchanged, a couple chuckles were made, and Sean soon hung up. When someone asked who Sean was speaking to, he responded candidly;

“That was my wife. She's expecting me home and was wondering where I was.”

As soon as Sean said the word “she”, the crowd fell deathly silent. There were no more hurrahs to be had for Sean. For today or any other day.

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