Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Flash Fiction #02 - Little Timmy

The second of these quick under-300 word flash fiction pieces is somewhat based on an actual thing that happened some time ago. And I can't imagine this not being the case for most folks.

Little Timmy was a kind fellow. Perhaps a bit too kind as far as some people were concerned, but that's not necessarily a bad trait. Little Timmy was just the kind of person who wouldn't hesitate in sparing a bit of change to someone whom he felt needed it a little more than him.

For example, one night, while Timmy was in his car waiting for a friend to show up, a disheveled old man knocked on the car window. Opening the window, Timmy and the old man exchanged greetings. Timmy soon found himself listening to the old man's sad story of needing some spare change for bus fare and a warm meal at the local cafe a mile away. Feeling the man's plight, Timmy gave the old timer a fresh and smooth ten dollar bill. The old man lit up in delight as he happily accepted the offering, thanked Little Timmy for his kindness, and ran off like an eager child.

Ten dollars was a lot of money to drop to a complete stranger, but Little Timmy was just glad to have done his bit and helped his fellow man in need, hoping he's able to feed himself well into the night.

Some time later, Timmy entered the local convenience store where he spotted a dishevelled old man who bought a pack of cigarettes. Timmy noticed that the old man looked familiar and called out to him. The old man looked up, almost panicked when he saw Timmy looking back at him, and ran away in a hurry. Timmy stared for a moment before shrugging and going on with his day.

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