Monday, August 1, 2016

Flash Fiction #01: Dog

Flash Fiction is a form of fiction that is written in the fewest words possible. In the context of this site, flash fiction is done in less than 300 words. This is an experiment I've been doing and will be posted a number of these on an intermediate basis.

The dog wakes up from the human bed to find that nobody is home and there's a wooden barrier blocking the door. She rolls around the bed for a few moments before falling back asleep. She then hears a creaking sound from the door and finds that the barrier is gone. Instinctively, she hops off the bed, landing gracefully on the floor with nigh a skid, and runs out the bedroom and into the kitchen. She looks around for a bit and finds nobody home.

Not noticing the presence of others around her, the dog scuttles back to the bedroom, but finds that she can't climb to the top of the human bed because it's just too high for her. She tries to go for a hop, but doesn't make it. After a minute of quiet whimpers, she slowly makes her way back to her own doggy bed where she's suddenly hit with a strong scent. Sniffing around the small bed, she notices a piece of bacon lying in the crack of the bed's edge. It doesn't take long for her to eventually snatch the piece from its place.

Hours seemingly pass before the dog feels the urge to leave her little doggy bed. She makes another pass at the kitchen and finds nobody around. She then makes her back to the bedroom and approaches the human bed. With a mighty jump, she finally makes her way to the top, happily skipping and rolling about over the soft cotton blanket.

She then urinated on the bright white blanket and hopped off the bed as the stench overwhelmed her.

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