Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Potential Subject Matter For A Future Video Project

Recently picked up this piece of business and am currently playing through its "massive" library of games. Much to my own surprise, Dreamgear is still a thing because this is a recent product with a copyright date of 2016. The quality of the games is as you'd expect something like this to be, but there are a couple decent titles on here that wouldn't be out of place on a proper console (with the proper polish, of course.)

Of course, this being a portable device with an A/V output (but no A/V cable; I needed to supply that bit myself), this will no doubt be a subject matter of a major video to be released some time this year. I'll let you know when to expect that.

Just as an excuse to revive this thing, here's a re-up of the last time I touched a DreamGEAR product.

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