Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Random Thoughts On... Star Trek Beyond Promotion

Star Trek Beyond, the thirteen overall Star Trek film and the third entry in the current reboot film franchise that comprised the 2009 film as well as 2013's Star Trek Into Darkness, just had their second trailer come out a couple weeks ago, which gives us a bit more background in regards to some of the plotpoints.

I won't touch on the trailer too much, but it is certainly a better sell of the film than the teaser was. You know, inxay on the Beastie Boys helped - you have a more classical sort of movie trailer music here - but there were little bits of character moments that were shown ever so briefly, the opening spiel between Kirk and McCoy seems very much like a Star Trekkish kind of moment. I like the design of the starbase; I thought that was pretty cool and am looking forward to seeing more of it. And I'm definitely getting a sort-of NX-01 vibe from the new ship, which is the USS Franklin and I'm guessing it's supposed to be more of a scout ship than a proper thing, but who knows? Still not thrilled about the Enterprise going down, but at least there are glimpses of the ship putting up a fight before being disassembled like a cheap model kit.

But honestly, I was pleased with the trailer and I thought it did a better job of telling me about the movie than the first one did and while my going was a sure thing, I'm actually a little more optimistic about this one. And I'm pleased that the folks behind the trailers took the criticisms to hard and crafted a trailer that attempts to properly portray the tone and the direction that the filmmaker hope to acheive with Star Trek Beyond. It is certainly a better second trailer for a film than the second trailer for some other film that has gotten somewhat negative reactions.

I'm also pleased, especially after voicing my concerns on the lack of press for Star Trek Beyond, that they're finally started to shoot out some material for the film. A few posters including a really nice one based on the poster for the Motion Picture - said poster is my desktop wallpaper, by the way - and there's also a few more promotional stills. Those who attended the fan event last weekend also got a glimpse at a couple key sequences in rough form and reaction has been positive.

So they're finally starting the push towards July and I hope this movie ends up being as good as they're making it out to be.

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