Saturday, April 23, 2016

Any word on that Mighty No. 9 thing?

Last I heard about it, it was getting delayed - again - due to bugs in their networking features. And that was a couple months ago. Since then, not a peep.

It seems really sad that what was once touted as a successor to the dormant Mega Man franchise has become something of a joke. Somewhere along the way, the people behind Mighty No. 9 must have decided to forgo making an effort and skip to the part where the game laid dormant for years and nothing was being done with it. It's almost as though they thought a promise of a game that was reminiscent of a beloved classic (from one of the minds behind said beloved classic) would be enough to get people to give money now and ask questions later, but instead, people are second guessing the project.

This is why I'm weary of Igarashi's Bloodstained project or even the Shenmue III thing. They got the funding in a short amount of time, but one wonders if they will actually deliver their project on schedule (Bloodstained currently set for March of next year, not sure about the Shenmue one) or if it will meet the same fate as Mighty No. 9 and be delayed over and over until the end of time?

This was a random thought that popped up. I honestly don't know what made me think this up, but there you go.

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