Wednesday, January 20, 2016


So let me see if I get this right...

Derrick Bateman loses the TNA World title to Matt Hardy in a three-way match on a major TNA Pay-Per-View event and later files an "injunction" that forces Matt Hardy to vacate said title. TNA decides to hold a "World Title Series" comprising months of taped matches with no rhyme or reason, with the whole thing eventually won by Derrick Bateman, who wins the title for the second time. Bateman then loses the title to Matt Hardy the following episode when Brodus Clay turned on him and joined Matt Hardy and that New York Giants girl to form a new heel stable.

In other words, the past few months of TNA programming was completely and utterly worthless. And then people wonder why nobody is watching TNA these days.

Speaking of which, how's Global Force doing these days?

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