Sunday, January 31, 2016

About Shatner Not Being In The Next Trek

For those bitching about the lack of Shatner in Star Trek Beyond, my feelings can summed up in this familiar yet cliched picture:

Yeah, is this what Trekkies are going to obsess over every time there's a new Trek movie coming out? I swear this is like a tradition for people to bitch and moan about Shatner not being in the latest Trek movie that takes place in a completely different reality from the prime films and thus there is no viable reason to shove Shatner in there. In fact, I'm pretty certain that the instant we start getting details on the upcoming Star Trek show, people are gonna starting asking about when Shatner is gonna show up.

Look, you want Shatner in a new Trek movie? I've got the perfect idea.

Seeing as Beyond is aping Trek 3 in destroying the Enterprise (groan), I would suggest that Trek 4 is about Kirk and Spock looking for humpback whales. And if we eventually get a Trek 5, Kirk can ask what God needs with a starship and then Shatner shows up to provide the answer. There's your Shatner cameo. You're welcome.

Now fuck off and get me my coffee.

And let the movie stand on its own... for once.

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