Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Nerd Does Bad Game Box Art... because sure, why not?

So this year, as part of an "advent" event, The Nerd does bad video game cover art... because sure, why not?

On the one hand, it's not a bad idea to showcase some horrific covers. After all, sometimes a game's cover is the only determining factor in whether it's going to get your money and that cover has to convey exactly what the game is going to be about. Sometimes, it works and other times, it doesn't. I'm sure the subject of game covers have been touched on, but bad game covers has only been the subject of shitty top 10 videos or lists. So a video series focusing on bad covers isn't such a bad idea.

On the other hand... it's the Nerd.

In the hands of a capable person, this could've been a good series. In the hands of James Rolfe, it's just another excuse to dwell into bad jokes and pseudo-intellectual bullshit that will fool people into thinking that there's deep and thought-provoking humor in here.

The first two entries, thus far, have been underwhelmingly bland. As a funny look into bad box art, it somewhat fails, with the only humor coming from the box itself and not necessarily any of the Nerd's words. As something that could be an examination of these artistic missteps... it's the Nerd. Nothing of any real worth comes out of these episodes that you can't just look up on Wikipedia or the aforementioned shitty Top 10 lists.

But, hey, you know what? There's hope that this'll develop into something decent. After all, it's hard to base an entire series on two mere entries. Maybe there's something to do that that will eventually emerge after a while.

But, then again... it's the Nerd.

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