Thursday, November 5, 2015

Classic Game Room... Sigh.

So... if you haven't heard the news, Mark Bussler of Classic Game Room fame has announced that the show will be scaled back considerably to a smaller form factor come 2016. This means the end of CGRUndertow (which I never cared for, but it had its fans), the end of the current CGR website of which I was a proud user of, and far fewer videos compared to the output of the past several years.

Apparently, Youtube revenue or lack thereof is to blame here and CGR can no longer sustain itself as a business... hence the scale back.

This is the harsh reality of making income based strictly on Youtube. One day, you're making huge bank and everyone loves you... and then all of a sudden, it's all gone and you're forced to look elsewhere.

I am going to be flip-flopping on the issue for quite some time, but for the moment, I can only wish Mark and company all the best in their future endeavors and hope all goes well in the coming years.

In the meantime, I'll go back and watch that Kasumi Ninja review.

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