Saturday, November 21, 2015

About The TNA Impact Video Game...

Here's another mention of TNA... anyone remember the Impact video game?

I think it came out in 2009 or something for the PS3 and Xbox 360, but there was also a PS2 version that I ended up snagging. The PS2 version was naturally stripped down from the higher-end consoles of the time; it even lacked the Create-A-Wrestler feature that the other versions had, which severely killed the potential replay value for me. Regardless, I had bought it fairly new back in the day, it came with a bonus DVD of TNA's best matches... something I might take a look at once of these days.

I haven't touched it all that much, to be honest. I think I sampled it for a couple days before storing it on the shelve and never looked back. From what I recall, I didn't think it was a terrible game or anything, but it's not something that has me coming back for me. Maybe if there was a CAW feature on there, I'd spend more time on it... but honestly, you'd need something really special to break me away from the WWE games and their Universe mode.

Maybe some day, Geordi. Maybe some day, I'll give that game another shot.

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