Sunday, November 8, 2015

You Know, Lt. Yar's Death Isn't A Problem

Over the years, I tend to hear complaints about things. And sometimes, I don't agree with them.

Case in point; I was watching the Star Trek TNG episode "Skin Of Evil," where Tasha Yar is killed off by some oil slick monster during an away mission. Some people thought the death was pointless, meaningless, worthless, and a betrayal of the character. Hell, the whole reason "Yesterday's Enterprise" was a thing that brought her back was so she could have a more meaningful death - dying fighting rather than because she got sucker-punched to death by an oil monster.

I don't see the issue here.

Space is a wonderful place, but it is also a dangerous place. It has dangers that could be conquered, but it also has dangers that can kill you without a warning. Starfleet is a thankless job and sometimes, death comes when you least expect it. How many red shirts died in the original series that made you think, "Gee, this guy deserves a better death scene?"

Denise Crosby wanted out, so they killed her character off. Was it a good death? Probably not, but it did come out of nowhere. It served to remind people that shit happens and suddenly, one of you is not coming home. Not everyone gets a happy, meaningful death. Some folks die in the worst, most throwaway sort of way and it's a bloody shame... or a sham.

Besides, think of it this way. Yar died while on duty the first time, then she was executed during a prison escape. Which is the better deal when you think about it? Bring on the flipping TAR MONSTER OF DEATH!

So there's my 28-year late retort to that point.

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