Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Shellbinding Conversation

I hooked up with an old buddy that I hadn't seen in years and we had a nice, pleasant conversation over a cup of coffee or two. As we were talking, he mentioned that he started getting back into comics and heard about the IDW-published TMNT comic series that's currently ongoing, wanting to know if I knew anything about it.

I told him some basic stuff that I knew; it was yet another rebooting of the Turtles, but one built from the building blocks of what came before. I've heard good things about the series, but aside from a couple issues here and there, I haven't been following the series nor do I know anything beyond the bare essentials of the plot. In any event, he said that he would give the series a shot.

A couple weeks go by and I hear from him again via e-mail, mentioning that he got the first trade paperback collecting the first few issues. He seemed impressed by the quality of the stories, but didn't care for the reincarnation origin that fueled this whole story. He offered to lend me his copy so I could check it out, but I declined, told him how happy I was that he was enjoying the book, and wished him well.

I did get the trade for myself, along with a couple others, and they are presently my bedtime readers. While I'm beyond the point of giving this series the full follow-up, I liked what I read for the most part. This stuff is years old, the series is firm in publication, and apparently doing really well.

Turtles still have some staying power after all this time... and the comic, at least, is in good hands with IDW.

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