Monday, September 14, 2015

Viva La #LOLDivasRevolution!

A poll in which 42% believed Baby Flair would beat Cena's Funbags on RAW.
That 42% must feel pretty stupid now, don't they?

So there were people clamoring for Ric Flair's Baby Girl and John Cena's Funbags to main event RAW in order to supposedly "legitimize" the #LOLDivasRevolution. Because that's the ticket that would push women's wrestling to the forefront and bring it the respect it truly deserves.

Well, the match just happened... and of course, Baby Flair pins the wrong Bella. The decision is reversed. So now this match, which didn't need to happen other than to sucker stupid people who thought they were actually going to have an honest to goodness title, ended on a Dusty Finish.

So what this means is that Charlotte now looks like another joke in the Divas division that I have no reason to care about, the most undeserving Divas Champion of all time gets to break a record for the sole purpose of sticking it to the former record-holder's husband who left the company on bad terms, and this whole #LOLDivasRevolution is pretty much exposed as the absolute joke that it really is.

Why so shocked?

Sure, Charlotte might win the title on Sunday, but why should I care? Instead of pulling off a win, she pulled a Lex Luger.

Well... I guess there's time for an extended piss break, after all.

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