Friday, September 18, 2015

TNA Impact Cancelled... Again...


Well, after months of being denied, contested, and encouraging ramblings from Vic Vemon for some reason, it's been confirmed that Destination America will no longer be airing TNA Impact Wrestling beyond 2015. Once the show goes off the air at the end of the year, TNA will - again - be off the airwaves, lest they could find another television network that could pity them... or something. Because how else can you really justify picking up a television show that was tossed off the network for two consecutive years?

This is going to be a tough time for TNA, its talents, its employees, and its fans... and I'd imagine things are going to be more difficult in the ensuring months to try and get another TV deal given how much of a stink the brand has developed in recent times. With their major stars possibly leaving the company, their international deals dwindling, and their house shows doing less than stellar numbers, one has to wonder about TNA and how long they could survive.

Hopefully, Destination America will give TNA a more dignified exit than Spike did the year prior, but... man, that's going to suck either way.

Best of luck to TNA. Despite their recent woes, I hope everything goes well with them.

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