Thursday, September 17, 2015

That Crazy Woman Even Chef Ramsay Couldn't Help Finally Shuts Its Doors.


You may recall a couple years ago an episode of the U.S. edition of Kitchen Nightmares where Gordon Ramsay visited Amy's Baking Company, an actual restaurant run by a crazy couple who wouldn't listen to reason and would attack anyone with the slightest hint of negativity levied towards them. It doesn't help that one side of the couple, Amy, is so batshit insane and out of her mind that she turns the clock on feminism back five hundred years and disproved the age-old, antiquated, and sexist adage that "women should stay in the kitchen."

Well, after all the bad press, that restaurant has finally shut its doors and good riddance.

Unfortunately, Amy continues to run her mouth and spew her venom at anyone who cares.

Oh well... couldn't happen to nicer people.

But on the bright side, maybe Amy could apply for a job at WWE.

After all, we've got a #LOLDivasRevolution to sink.

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