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The First WWF In Your House PPV (May 1995)

WWF In Your House I
May 1995, Syracuse, NY

In a vain effort to attempt to separate a potential PPV audience from their money, the WWF decided to launch In Your House, a series of monthly 2-hour PPVS that would beef up the PPV count to one a month. This would eventually evolve into the current format of monthly PPV events with the occasional WWE Network special and lots of raised prices.

Bret Hart defeated Hakushi in a pretty decent opening match. From what I recall, this brought an end to Hakushi's undefeated streak at that point and, more than likely, the end to any semblance of relevance on his end, as I don't think he did anything else of note beyond having a unique look. At some point, Bret twisted his ankle leaving the ring... not boding well for his eventual second encounter with Jerry Lawler. (Spoiler: Bret was faking the injury, proving that he's a better actor than Roman Reigns.)

Razor Ramon defeated IC Champ Jeff Jarrett and the future Road Dogg in a handicap match... too long, didn't care. After the match, Jarrett beats up Razor for a bit while fending off an interfering Aldo Montoya (the Portuguese Man Of War with a jockstrap on his head) before the debuting Savio Vega shows up and fends off the heels with a KWANG!

Okay, maybe not.

Mabel defeated Adam Bomb in a match that went on too long... yes, I know it was only two minutes. Still too long... No disrespect here, but this match BLEW CHUNKS.

Tag-team champions Owen Hart and Yokozuna defeated the Smoking Gunns in a Wrestlemania XI rematch to retain the titles... well, it went by quickly. That's about the only thing I could say here... otherwise, I have to say I enjoyed their Mania match a little more, for whatever that's worst.

Jerry Lawler beat Bret Hart thanks to interference from Hakushi... this would presumably pay off with that foot-kissing match that would later pay off with the debut of Isaac Yankem...

The match between Sid and Diesel ends in disqualification when Tatanka interfered and then Bam Bam Bigelow showed up and then... *yawn*. The funny thing is that you'd think a match with two big guys with similar strengths and weaknesses would be somewhat interesting in either a classic sense or a trainwreck sense... but I was just bored with this. Say what you will about the Vanilla Midgets, but they didn't put on dead weight showings like the two big guys did...

I did a bad thing. I'm sorry.

For a first time effort... not that great of a showing in all honesty. You had a good match in Bret vs. Hakushi (which is on that Best of In Your House compilation, along with a host of other quality matches that you should check out), but the rest of the show was pretty forgettable fare. The first In Your House is only significant for being the first In Your House, but even with that in mind, there's really nothing of merit to this show that's worth checking out.

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