Saturday, August 8, 2015

Random Thoughts On... "Truth"

Thoughts on the current Superman: Truth storyline where Superman is exposed and depowered and etc. etc. etc?

I haven't been following it all that much, to be honest. But I do give it about a year or two before they reset the status quo to whatever stupid thing they had before.

Comics these days, especially from the big two, have become so much of a clusterfuck that they make it very easy to drive interest away from their product except for those loyal to the brand and for those interested in that speculator market. Nowadays, most of my comic readings is from IDW with the Star Trek stuff and sometimes a Turtles book or two. That stuff's actually well done, but for the rest of it, I'm like... no thanks. Marvel's constant need for a mega-event every other month as well as DC's dreadfully depressing New 52 reboot or whatever pretty much killed it for me. And if it wasn't for the Marvel Cinematic stuff and the DC Animated movies, I probably wouldn't have cared about either company.

And you know what? That whole premise with getting rid of the secret ID and turning him into generic jabroni man or whatever? Stupid, lame, lazy... I get that it's hard to make Superman interesting given the wide range of stories told, but pretty much scrapping everything that made Superman Superman... no, complete clusterfuck that will be gone in all of a year or two. Just... no.

Here's the thing; I get the idea they're trying to go for here; break Superman down to his most basic levels and build him up again from the ground up. And I get that. I can applaud that idea... when it's done right. The problem is that we already saw this idea in play when Grant Morrison did Action Comics back in 2011 and I thought that first storyline was fantastic in setting the backstory for this new Superman and basically crafting a modern take on the original 1938 incarnation of the character, which was probably the closest thing to a "fresh take" on the character as there could've been without outright killing the essence of the character. And I was really looking forward to seeing him evolve into the Superman we all know.

Except that never happened. I think that whole idea lasted about a year or so before the series jumped ahead to the continuity of the other Superman book... the one I didn't care for. The one which featured a totally generic Image Comics-esque brute in Kryptonian clothing. The one which feels like it was written by people who have no flipping clue on how to write a Superman story... let alone a good one.

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