Sunday, August 16, 2015

MMPR Movie Bios Leaves Me Depressed...

Snipped this from someone's Tumblr somewhere, who apparently snipped this from some site citing Collider as a source, so the legitimacy of this information is somewhat questionable... but if this is a real deal... yeah, this is really depressing.

Is there any reason why we absolutely need to give these characters drab, disturbing backstories? I can understand, maybe, one or two to keep things interesting, but ALL OF THEM? Is there any reason why we can't (for once) have a movie featuring superpowered teens have a bit of levity to it? These character bios feels like every other worthless teen-angst wankfest that are bereft of anything resembling charm or creativity, almost as if they looked to shitty "fan films" that have gone down paths that in no way fit the material you're trying to make a movie out of.

Look, the new Fantastic Four movie tried to re-imagine everything from the original comic and IT SUCKED BADLY. Critics blasted it, moviegoers are ignoring it like the plague... why repeat the same mistake with this movie? Are we really looking forward to the day when the movie comes out, people watch it, and then will go, "Yeah, I liked the first movie better."

This depresses me greatly.

And, just to get it out of the way, I know the original show's characters were relatively paper-thin in personalities. Yes, I'd want something a little more developed than what the show offered. But this doesn't feel "more developed" or anything. It feels like a bunch of character traits concocted from a randomizer and tossed together without rhyme or reason. It feels... meh.


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