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i-Generation Superstars of Wrestling: Rodman Down Under (2000 PPV)

Date: July 30, 2000
Location: Sydney SuperDome, Sydney, Australia

What? You thought we were done with the Australia-themed wrestling shows? You foolish people, you.

So 1999 saw Heroes Of Wrestling, which was an unmitigated disaster which featured a bunch of old guys (known today as "wrestling legends" and "WWE Hall of Famers") and a somewhat-not-sober Jake Roberts stroking his snake. And while Heroes of Wrestling didn't get a follow-up for obvious reasons, 2000 saw some other company attempt the same thing, but with "lesser" name talent. How much "lesser?" Your main event for the evening was "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig defending some "World" title against Dennis Rodman. Now if THAT doesn't get you excited, then you have far more sense than anyone booking this show.

For what it's worth, the arena set looks pretty decent and well lit, which is surprisingly for a low-budget operation. Your commentary team comprises Ted DiBiase (Sr.) and some guy named Vince Mancini. Of note is that their on-camera bits comprises them standing in front of a bluescreen with an image of the arena in the background. So, at the very least, you know the commentary is going to be semi-competent.

The Road Warriors defeated Tag-Team Champions The Public Enemy in a Tables match to win the titles, which look like cheap boxing titles. I'd imagine a souvenir WWF toy belt would look more distinguished than these things.

Anywa, for those unaware, the object of a tables match is to put your opponents through a table to score the win and yet there are pinfall attempts, right down to the referee administering 2-counts, which is something that shouldn't take place in a tables match. I take it nobody had any clue how to proceed here and it sorta shows. This is the kind of match that you wished they had five or ten years prior when both teams were in their primes because watching this then (and even moreso now), it's somewhat sad to watch these four old guys plod and sloth through the match in an almost embarrassing manner.

In between matches, they have a bunch of dancing girls waste time on a PPV show that lasts about an hour forty minutes. I know it's hard to pack a show, but putting on a bunch of girls and telling them to do the same dance five times in the span of two hours isn't the way to do it. Not everyone can have Nitro Girls and not everyone should.

The Barbarian defeated Brute Force (Ed Leslie gimmick #98977832903849, I believe) in the barebones definitiion of a hardcore garbage match. I believe this was the match where someone laid a nasty fart (the silent kind that KILLS) and the room had to be vacated to avoid intoxication. It was probably the only distinct memory I had of watching this show back in 2000 and perhaps an appropriate analogy to this match. This was a giant stinkin' fart that absolutely stunk up the joint. I think the hardcore stipulation was just an excuse for them to throw caution to the wind and just use a bunch of weapons and stuff. I don't mind a good hardcore match, but goddamn, this is NOT a good hardcore match. This barely reaches subpar levels of shit. I've seen better hardcore matches in that shitty WCW Backstage Assault video game, for flip's sake.

In the sole women's match on the card, Sweet Destiny defeat Brandi Wine... I've not heard of either one of these two and never heard much of them since. The only worthwhile instance of mention here is "Aussie" Joe Bugner punching out "Sugar Daddy" Fred Ottman out... poor Fred. The guy went from Tugboat to Shockmaster to this... seems like a nice guy, too.

One Man Gang defeated "Australian" champion Tatanka to win the title. After stinking up Heroes of Wrestling, I am amazed that One Man Gang found himself another horrible wrestling show to stink up. This felt like a complete waste of utter time and something that would fit in nicely with that Heroes Of Wrestling show... yeah, it's that bad.

The "World" title Australian Outback match (probably means street fight but who the fuck knows) between champion Curt Hennig and Dennis Rodman - your main event, mind you - ends in a disqualification when Rodman threw down a referee. Yes, the main event of what was, for all intents and purposes, a one-time Pay-Per-View event ends in a DQ. Pure fucking genius, I tell you. Then again, you can't really expect much here. Hennig looked about as good as he could here - and why he only got picked up by the WWF in 2002 is beyond me because the guy looked as though he could've gone the distance - but Rodman is Rodman and you really can't expect greatness from the guy despite what the hype monkeys at WCW would convince you.

After a couple more quick promos for a future show that never ended up happening, we get credits. One of the names featured on the production team is Andrew McManus. That's right; the same Andrew McManus who would run that World Wrestling All-Stars promotion from 2001 to 2003. The same World Wrestling All-Stars promotion whose PPVs have been spotlighted this past week. The same World Wrestling All-Stars promotion whose PPVs that have been spotlighted here on the blog this past week... were much better than this tripe.

And that was the i-Generation Superstars of Wrestling: Rodman Down Under... the second coming of Heroes Of Wrestling, this is not... but it's still pretty awful. It seems like the people behind this event were content in scraping off the discarded sloppy seconds of the other major promotions and stick them in a live tour down under without giving them any rhyme or reason. Really, the only major angle was Rodman jumping Hennig numerous times prior to the show and that was further emphasized in the show's opening promo. The rest of it was garbage wrestling for the sake of garbage wrestling. This was somewhat amusing back in 2000 when it was a bunch of us watching this in a little room and a couple gaseous anomalies were dropped, but watching this again in 2015, the joke had long since overstayed its welcome.

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