Tuesday, July 21, 2015

RAW (July 21st, 2015): RAW IS MEH... again

Some minor RAW notes in the first episode I've seen in ages;

- So Brock Lesnar and Undertaker (scheduled to meet at Summerslam... joy.) had something of a little fight that lasted two segments and involved the great majority of the roster holding both these guys back. I suppose I'm supposed to praise as an awesome segment like everybody else is, but honestly, this would've been a more "awesome" segment if it didn't involve two part-timers. It's really sad that out of all the ideas WWE could have went to try and drum up interest in their product, they have to do THIS match... over a year and a half after it meant anything. But more than anything, all this did was have me ask myself, "Why bother with this match?"

- Poor Rusev. You know you've fallen off the totem poll when not one, but both your partners ditch you for greener pastures.That, and going from the luscious Lana to Fandango's sloppy seconds... meh. On the bright side, I kinda dug the flip into the RKO finish. That was a cool spot.

- On the not-so-bright-side, it looks like they're starting to build towards a Seth Rollins vs. John Cena main event match for Summerslam. I suppose it was fun while it lasted, but then again, considering how much of a pansy Rollins has been depicted as thus far, I guess it would make sense to go back to the well, however stale it might be... as long as it means Sheamus cashing in and winning, which might not be the worst possible thing they could do here.

- So Miz is being written off due to being knocked out by Big Show, huh? Poor fella must have a glass jaw or something... I've got nothing. But Big Show being missing since the Attitude Era? Surely, you jest. I'm thinking he's been missing since the Dungeon of Doom.

- The match between Charlotte and Brie Bella (who lost, by the way) as well the later tag-team match between Paige/Becky Lynch and Naomi/Sasha Banks (who won, by the way) was almost vaguely interesting and could almost be watchable... if not for the constant references to Stephanie The Shrieking Harpy "saving" the Divas division. If we can phase her out of this story (or probably out of television in general) I'd probably enjoy it more. It's really unfortunate that we have the first vaguely interesting direction in this Divas division and it's hampered by constant praise to someone who didn't deserve it. Look, it's bad enough enduring the Bellas as the focal point based solely on their starring roles in a popular yet mediocre reality show, but at least THAT makes sense within the context of the story. This was Stephanie interjecting herself in something that was getting traction and by doing so, she risks curtailing the whole damn thing again into something that people will lose interest in.

- And speaking on interjecting themselves in stuff, the amount of segments featuring the Authority is overwhelmingly ridiculous. HHH as a mouthpiece is insomnia-curing. Stephanie in any role where she needs to appear on camera and spout exposition... I'm sorry, but no matter how much anyone tries to convince me otherwise, Stephanie is simply NOT a good character, in any way, shape, or form. She's an automatic channel changer for me. She's irritating as a villain, she's an absolute fake as a protagonist, she's not the kind of person I'd like featured on a regular basis if I want to try and be invested in a story because her mere presence TAKES AWAY from the tale they weave rather than augment it. The only time she was seemingly tolerable was when she was on Smackdown back in 2002-2003. And it confounds me that she somehow got WORSE over the years.

And then people wonder why I don't watch RAW anymore.

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