Friday, July 31, 2015

Random Thoughts On... Kevin Owens After Cena

Do you think Kevin Owens tapping out to John Cena killed Kevin Owens?

No. Kevin Owens will be just fine. I didn't like the finish, mind you, but it kinda makes sense because he started off strong and he got knocked a peg or two and now he has to work his way back up. Honestly, if KO were to have won, then what? You go from beating John Cena for a championship to what? Feuding with Cesaro like it's another mid-card match? He'd have nowhere to go but down. I mean, nothing against Cesaro; that dude's a fucking genius in the ring (not the Lanny Poffo kind, but the other kind) and him and KO in a match one-on-one? Shit, I'd go for that. But Cesaro's no John Cena in terms of value.

So, look, I didn't like the finish, but after sitting on it for a couple days, I'm like "Okay, makes sense." Whether they decide to do anything with him is another story and I hope he gets another shot down the line because he's one of the genuinely freshest characters they got now; a classic loudmouthed asshole that's easy to hate because contrary to what Jim Ross preaches, you don't have to cheat constantly to hammer in the point that you're the bad guy. You gotta be a dick. And KO does a good job of being a dick and getting people to hate him that he doesn't need to cheat. He probably could if he wanted, but what's the point?

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