Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Random Thoughts On... The Infamous "Agony In Pink" Fic

(Originally featured in Episode 28 of the DTM-Cast, posted back in May 2014)

Have you ever read Agony In Pink?

Yes, I have read Agony In Pink. I've not only read Agony In Pink, but I also sampled the Agony In Pink remake, the Agony In Yellow spin-off, and Holly's House Invasion, an original "adult" fic from the same author. And all that literature had resulted in a significant loss of sanity that I am still recovering from to this day.

For those who don't know what any of that is, it's essentially extreme adult content... but with Power Rangers. Two of them focusing on vintage Pink and another focusing on the Yellow Ranger from Power Rangers in Space. It's not the most pleasant thing to read, regardless of whether you're into that sort of kink or not. This was essentially garbage shlock in written form before morons with no creative juices made their own schlock of the same vein (but nowhere near the same extremes.)

If you insist on tracking this stuff down, do so at your own risk. But I ain't helping you. I'm not sure the new set-up would appreciate that sort of thing.

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