Friday, July 24, 2015

Fun With Twitter

From the Twitter feed;

Funny how WWE shitcans Hogan for racist comments, yet HHH, who did a racist angle with Booker T at Wrestlemania, is still gainfully employed. Also, Vinnie Mac once shot similar racial slurs on WWE TV. Why don't we give him the Benoit treatment too? Not to mention all them Hall Of Famers who have said much worse. Maybe we should get rid of them too. And hey, while everyone is distracted, why don't we sneak in Chyna into the Hall? She might've done porn, but at least she isn't racist.

"WWE has a zero tolerance policy on racism." Right, that's why Alberto Del Rio was fired while the racist who offend(ed) him still has a job. Don't get me started on all them racist gimmicks over the years. MexiCools. Half-Blackface Piper. Muhammad Hassan. Puerto Rican Matadors. Saba Simba. Kamala. Repackaging a Latino wrestler into a white dude who says "If it ain't white, it ain't right." The list goes on and on.

Yeah, so that was a thing.

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