Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Rock To Star In Rampage Movie... Not That One...

So, word has come out that the Rock is going to be starring in the new Rampage movie. Source here.

First hearing that, I had assumed that German schlockmeister Uwe Boll somehow got the funding needed to produce his third movie and somehow shoehorned Dwayne Johnson into it, thus proving that being an insufferable asshole on the Internet is the key to success.

But as it turns out, the Rampage movie in question is actually an adaptation of the old Midway arcade game where you got to play as giant monsters and demolish cities. Apparently, the people who did that horrifically generic San Andreas film is also on hand to bring this thing to life.

All things considered, I would've preferred Uwe Boll behind the wheel.

Then again, considering his track record...

Never mind.

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