Saturday, June 20, 2015

Did You Know WWE Once Rehired Vince Russo?

On this very day thirteen years ago, newly-renamed World Wrestling Entertainment had rehired Vince Russo to be their head writer, overseeing lead writers Brian Gewirtz and Paul Heyman who were heading the RAW and SmackDown brands respectively. This actually created quite a bit of buzz among some folks, especially since Mr. Russo - once one of the driving forces behind the WWF Attitude era - had come off a less than stellar stint over at World Championship Wrestling a year or so prior.

If you're wondering what the former Vic Venom did during his short stint in WWE, the answer is not much, as after one of his ideas was shot down, he was quickly relegated down to a mere consulting position before eventually being given the best of wishes in all his future endeavors... future endeavors in TNA, of course. In all honesty, one would have to wonder how the WWE product would've differed if Russo had been given the reigns.

Who knows? Somewhere in the multiverse, there's a TNA out there that never got the benefit of Vince Russo's input... and maybe would be better off, all things considered.

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