Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Capcom Announces Mega Man Legacy Collection... Again?

So it's essentially a digital compilation of the six NES Mega Man games, but rebuilt from the ground up so that they look better in 1080p or something. And there'll be CHALLENGES and LEADERBOARDS and REPLAYS... and there's a MUSEUM of SKETCHES and... yawn.

Look, I get why Capcom is putting something like this out and especially this summer, when Keiji Inafune's spiritual Mega successor Mighty No. 9 is supposed to hit the streets. I get that Capcom wants to counter something inspired by Mega Man with the genuine article. And I'm not discounting the work it takes in rebuilding the old games to modern standards; if they turn out to be anywhere near the quality of the Sonic The Hedgehog rebuilds on mobile devices, I'm sure they'll look splendid and maybe overall performance will be a touch better.

At the same time, however, this does feel like a lazy offering. I get that it's only the six NES games and not the entire Classic Series, which includes a couple non-NES games, but if they're going to rebuild the games, do you think it's worth it to add something a little more substantial than an upscale and some minor tidbits to differentiate this collection from playing the NES originals or the Anniversary Collection released a couple years prior or the Virtual Console releases? Maybe a couple bonus levels, maybe a mini-game, maybe try and make an 8-bit version of that Wily Tower game from the Mega Drive remake?

Oh well... I'm sure I'll pick this up eventually... but I'll probably wait until it's on sale or something because... I'm not feeling it.

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