Tuesday, May 5, 2015

RAW (May 4th, 2015): Sami Zayn Shows Up On RAW, Holds His Own Against Cena

So Sami Zayn showed up on RAW last night... he had a good match with John Cena... and he apparently hurt his shoulder... that Cena guy is dangerous... he should know how to work less stiff...

So they added Dean Ambrose to the main event at Payback, so it's now a four-way match. Sure... why not? Maybe they can have Dean Ambrose job to a house fly or something along the way?

By the way, how refreshing is it that the top contenders for the WWE World Title were defeated by the reigning tag team champions instead of the other way around? If only they'd do this more often...

So they're really doing the King Barrett thing, are they? I guess you can only have so much bad news before it gets boring... I miss Bad News...

All in all, not a bad showing for Monday Night RAW. I'm almost impressed.

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