Sunday, May 24, 2015

How Did NXT Announcers Know About Samoa Joe If "TNA Doesn't Exist?"

That's the conundrum that has struck TNA play-by-play man Josh Matthews, who took to Twitter to ask this conundrum-ing question. "How would NXT announcers know about Samoa Joe if WWE thinks TNA doesn't exist?"

Well, Josh. It's really quite simple. Though WWE pretend that TNA doesn't exist and thus shouldn't know Samoa Joe because of this, there is one place that Joe has been they DO acknowledge the existence of. You might have heard of it; it's called Ring of Honor. And not only was Ring Of Honor was mentioned a number of times on the website, but on occasion, for various WWE documentaries (such as the one featuring that Punk fellow), they would feature clips of ROH. Clips that would include - say it with me, now - SAMOA JOE.

As a matter of fact, Samoa Joe has been name dropped on WWE produced material on a number of occasions. You could bring up that one list of superstars you didn't know were in WWE and there's a mention of Samoa Joe, touted as an independent icon, mentioned his matches with Daniel Bryan Danielson and Kenta Kobashi, and even bring up the "Joe Is Gonna Kill You" chants - I'll provide a link to said page right here. Hell, they even show a clip from that one Velocity match Joe had with Essa Rios WAY back in 2001.

And Josh, on the extremely unlikely chance you might come across this humble little page, I'll even include a link to this video from WWE, which includes a clip and a mention of another former TNA guy you might be familiar with. Now how would WWE know this guy if TNA didn't exist? He once had a spot of coffee in WCW.

And that's how they're able to acknowledge Samoa Joe without referencing TNA. Because contrary to what you or anyone else at TNA would like to believe, TNA is not the only other place people go to wrestle. There are other places that people can go to wrestle. Does TNA pretend that THEY don't exist either? Because I don't believe that's a practice exclusive to WWE.

And I say this not to sound smart or to be condescending. You asked a question; I simply provided something of an answer with some references for you to refer to. Fairly straightforward deal, no?

Anyway, I hope this clears things up for you. All the best to you and your colleagues.

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