Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Egomaniacal Manchild Jason Douchebag Frank Responds To CM Punk

Here's the link to the video... haven't seen it, but it's likely JDF crying about this fucking worthless feud that exists only within his delusions of grandeur and the minds of those who continually drink the Kool-Aid they serve him. Douchebag Frank should be happy Punk even talked about him and gave him "six months of relevancy"; Van Damme probably has no clue who JDF is.

On that note, a personal message to Mr. Frank;

Hey, dipshit. You know what I'd like to see you do? Actually have the fucking balls to go face to face with ASJ. You remember him, don't you? That guy you've been saying nasty things to and been challenging to fight while he was out overseas? That guy who just came back to the public eye a year ago? I'm sure there was no opportunity for you guys to meet up... OH WAIT.

A cartoonish re-enactment of JDF bailing on Supercon after they announced ASJ as a guest
I guess the JDF fanboys who suck his Dragon Dagger forgot that bit.

And to think... I was going to retire the JDFisCancer tag... So much for that.

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