Wednesday, April 29, 2015

X-Wing and TIE Fighter Grace Steam... Now It's Their Turn To Bitch About Missing CD Versions

For those who didn't get the game on for whatever ungodly reason, Steam just got the X-Wing series recently. This includes X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter, and X-Wing Alliance, considered widely to be some of the finest space combat simulator games ever conceived and one of the best reasons to be PC gaming back int the day. However, in regards to the first two games, you're only getting the original DOS versions and the updated Windows release; the middle of the road enhanced CD-ROM Collector's Editions - considered to be the definitive versions - are not included.

Naturally, Steam users would be iffed.

Meanwhile, just announced that they uploaded those very same versions of the game after quite a bit of complaining on the part of users. So for roughly the same price, you could GET THREE versions of two classic space sim games... and it doesn't include DRM. And if you already bought the games when they were first released, then you get the new versions for free. (Note: If you don't see three versions of X-Wing or TIE Fighter on your shelf, you might have to refresh your account, which you can do by clicking this link.)

So, screw you, Steam. HA!


Okay... back to WWE 2K15.

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