Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WWE King Of The Ring 2015 (WWE Network Special)

This seemed to have been shot out of nowhere - probably because it was - but it looks like another WWE Network special featuring the final matches to crown a new King Of The Ring, a title that may or may not have some relevance depending on who's doing the spinning. It's a weird gimmick because what used to be a PPV stable during the mid to late 1990s became something of an afterthought in recent years, with the last tournament being held in 2010 on Smackdown. More often than not, they use the tournament as an excuse to give a heel wrestler a silly royal gimmick or something.

But in any event, four people compete in the semi-finals; Sheamus, Neville, R-Truth, and Bad News Barrett. Neville beat Sheamus thanks to some timely Ziggler distraction, Barrett beat R-Truth. And so the KOTR finals had a distinctly British flavour, with Barrett emerging victorious to become King Barrett... or something.

Here's the thing. On the one hand, this was a nice little hour of wrestling and the whole thing certainly felt more refreshing than a typical piece of WWE programming. The matches were pretty good for what they were, they told a good story, and even the commentary was on point at times, being more tolerable than what the usual gang of idiots would provide on three-hour telecasts. It's nice to listen to Cole talk about the match rather than shill some stupid thing.

On the other hand... it feels throwaway. Just to fill a taping time or something... I felt they could have done an extra hour and had the whole tournament on here instead of just half here and half on RAW.

Still, can't complain, though. It was only an hour long, but it was an entertaining hour of television if nothing else. And you know what? As far as King Of The Ring being an annual WWE Network thing, I wouldn't have a problem with that. On the contrary, it's precisely the sort of thing they SHOULD be putting on the Network instead of having Jerry Springer host a shitty clip show that tries to be raunchy but ends up being lame. For flip's sake, you can't have a show called Too Hot For TV and then feature clips that were originally shown - wait for it - ON TEE VEE!

King Of The Ring, though? Not bad. Thumbs up from me.

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