Tuesday, April 14, 2015

RAW (Apr. 13th, 2015): RAW is MEH.

Some random thoughts about RAW...

- So John Cena has these weekly US Title defenses where some random midcard talent comes out and subsequently gets squashed by Cena. I get what they're trying to do here and I do applaud WWE in sticking Cena in that mid-level tier so that they can try and set a new main event scene, but I honestly don't think anyone is buying that Cena is, by any means, "elevating" the status of the U.S. title by having weekly matches where the chances of his losing the title are less than zero. The matches fly by so quickly and so effortlessly that you'd often wonder why they even bother... but hey, as long as Cena is stuck doing U.S. Title matches and far away from the main event scene, I can't say I'm too disappointed in this scenario.

- Meanwhile, you've got the other mid-card champion, Daniel Bryan Danielson, being stuck in tag-team matches and backstage skits. You'd figure he'd be the one to make these weekly title matches because he'd make them more believable - the threat of some guy beating him for the title is always there - but instead, they're doing little with him. Some folks are suggest this is due to health concerns, but if this were the case, then WHY THE FUCK DID YOU PUT HIM IN A LADDER MATCH?

- A shitty Divas battle royal is not giving them a chance. It's just throwing them a bone. Can we just kill the division and reboot the whole thing? Just retire the Diva moniker, bring back the Women's title, maybe chuck in a few of the NXT ladies in there, and give the pre-existing females some semblance of personality that gives the audience a reason to care about them beyond the superficial level.

- Roman Reigns vs. Big Slow... fuck me. Poor Roman... the fans didn't accept you because creative didn't make you look strong, so you're forced to partake in a go-nowhere feud with Big Slow.

- Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton in a cage match at the upcoming PPV and the RKO is banned at said match? Sure, I can dig that. I don't dig the blatantly obvious edit that WWE made in swapping the crowd reactions between RKO and Cesaro. Nor do I did the waste of time that is Seth Rollins vs. Kane and the attempt to try (again) and rehabilitate Kane's character, who has gone through so many fuck-ups and hardships since Katie Vick that he might as well retire the Kane character and go back to being Isaac Yankem or something... or maybe the new Diesel, since Kevin Nash doesn't want the part anymore.

Is ir Wednesday yet?

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