Saturday, April 4, 2015

On The Other Hand... Da Bores

So some time ago, I had written a post declaring how god awful the recent episode of the Nerd series was. And for the record, I have yet to play this Hong Kong game and thus will also have to do so the same way the rest of the Internet does... through an emulator. (Expect a review of this next April Fools, when such a review makes sense to make.)

On the other hand, we have Da Bores making a video on Kid Icarus... and it's about as much as you'd expect a typical Irate Gamer episode; lots of unfunny puns, lots of over-exaggerations, lots of unfunny gags, lots of predictable jokes, lots of repeating jokes in a vain attempt to make someone laugh, more dying on purpose, and more acting like a complete idiot for the sake of acting like a complete idiot. There is even an eggplant that is killed for the sake of the end bit. Suffice it to say; if you enjoy Irate Gamer videos, you might enjoy this one. But if you didn't... well, there's not much to change your mind on.

The one thing that I can credit Bores on - for all of his faults, his inaccuracies, and the somewhat dubious nature of his claims - the one thing I give him credit on is that HE KEEPS THEM SHORT - roughly within the 10 to 15 minute range and more often than not, less than that. And with his "storyline" over and done with, he actually keeps them relatively simple. I don't tune into an Irate Gamer video for an in-depth review or an overblown plotline featuring lots of cheap gimmicks and shitty acting; I just want to watch a guy who knows very little about games act like a complete moron. And dangnammit, that's what I get.

With that having been said, however, this was lacking something in the humor department. Throughout the whole video, I had to struggle to find something laughable here, whether intentional or otherwise, and I didn't get much of that here. I also have to knock points off this video for swiping a clip that was obviously of lower quality than the rest of it, as well as the predictable ending which involved said eggplant. Not going to spoil it here, but I'm sure you can figure it out yourselves.

In any case, if one were to pick a winner in this "feud" that nobody should give a shit about these... you know what? I'd say fuck both of them and give Board James a watch; now THAT's a Cinemassacre show that's actually worth watching these days, especially the recent episode on the Omega Virus.

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